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About Tuque Games

As stupidly passionate gamers ourselves, we understand that game fans are like no other fans. We’ve all invested countless hours immersed in amazing worlds others only dream of. We’ve honed our skills to a razor sharp edge; have developed amazing friendships and intense rivalries. We’ve debated ardently about which tactics are better or which game is deserving of a higher rating. Hey, we’ve even gone so far as to not pay rent so we could splurge on the latest map packs!  (not really… they’re usually only like $15)

We’re wildly excited about our first game and can’t wait to bring you in; you the frenzied gamer, you the dev team member. That should be obvious right: we’re building this game with you. We’re partners.

Tweet your opinions. Post your comments. Be vocal. We’ll engage with you and shape the game together.